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The Shasta Bros.: News

Made in America Released - November 11, 2015

We chose Veteran's Day to release our latest CD, a blend of traditional folk and patriotic tunes from the 19th Century. Like our Christmas CD, we have taken liberties with the songs, imparting our own idiosyncratic flavor to these well-know melodies. We hope you enjoy them.

Merry Christmas from the Shasta Bros. Released - December 3, 2012

Our new Christmas album has just been released. We have been working all year long on these mellow ambient jazz arrangements of timeless holiday melodies, imbuing them with that unmistakable Shasta Bros. touch. You can order copies from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other online outlets. Just click on the Music link above to purchase this CD, to download individual songs, or to listen to free musical samples.

Jazz Project Released - January 1, 2011

Our second CD, JAZZ PROJECT, has just been released. Featuring Bodie Boeggeman on flute and alto flute, John Hart on piano and electric piano, and Gene Smith on electric bass, this collection of jazz standards was recorded with a decidedly retro approach—Don Draper of "Mad Men" would be perfectly at home with this recording. It is available from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and other online outlets.

Space Station Released - August 28, 2007

Four long-time musical associates reunite for one and a half days of unrehearsed, no charts, impromptu, jam session. This is the result. Hope you enjoy it.

Cooped up in the tiny space station (John's mobile home), telling their story, these four brave musical astronauts fearlessly push the two-chord vamp into outer limits.

This recording features John Hart on keyboards, Bodie Boeggeman on flute, Gene Smith on bass, and Don Abbett on drums.

As recording engineer Joe Hayes proclaimed, "Random!"

To purchase or download our CDs (or hear free samples of our music), click on the Music link.

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