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The Shasta Bros.: Home


We are busy in the studio working on our fifth CD. No idea yet when it will be ready for release.

The Shasta Bros. fourth CD, Made in America, is our latest release. We had so much fun doing familiar melodies for our Christmas CD that we decided to record well-known traditional and folk songs this time around, hoping to add our unmistakable Shasta Bros. touch to these old musical gems. This CD can be purchased at:

Mike's Music & Sound, 924 Cypress Ave., Redding, CA, 530-243-3774

Enjoy the Store, 1475 Placer St., Redding, CA, 530-246-4687

You can also order copies or downloads from CD Baby, iTunes, or Amazon.
Just click on the "Music" link above.

Warm Regards,

The Shasta Bros.